Erebos wire bracelet

I have made a couple of tangled bracelets recently, because they always look fabulous. This time I used bigger glass cabochons, what makes it look irresistible and freezing cold <3

Loose Heart set

Totally awesome news coming on !! A fabulous set of copper + glass jewelry, inspired by oriental designs. Almost a whole day of work!! ;)



shirin bracelet

I worked almost the whole week over new designs and this is one of them – a fabulous bracelet made of copper wire and blue glass beads. It looks really massive \m/
Be prepared for more updates of this blog, because I have just made hell out of my stuff and I do not mean to stop at the moment :P haha 3:)

Triskellion red-black

triskellion black red

Okay, guys, it’s been a long time since I posten anything, but I am turned on with my new project about ‘satanic’ shirts called ‘Bad Habit Co.’ and since then, I have a little time to do anything besides work and making shirts and/or new designs. Anyway, jewelry is very important to me, not only because I often pay with jewelry for some things, I just like creating it. This is a pair of woodies I created for ‘Bad Habit Co.’, but they would never be made, if I did not visit my favourite shop <3

Pure Morning

These earrings are from ‘Bohema’ collection and was made with heavenly quartz beads, that seem to be glowing with blue halo ;) I am thinking of a black version with onyx or night of Cairo, but I have to kick myself in the ass. Winter and autumn are no good for jewelry making. The day is short and I constantly feel sleepy. No, I am not drunk constantly !! :P

ATTENTION!! Not every item I describe on this site is available. The listing of available items is published on my Etsy:

Today I noticed some increase of views. Thank you, folks!! Waiting for a first client :) I also decided to LOAD MY ETSY SHOP AT THE BEGINNING OF EACH MONTH. Christmas is coming!! Shipping from Europe to USA lasts from 3 to 4 weeks!! Hurry up!! ;)

Gothic grunge

I like experimenting with various decoupage techniques while creating wooden earrings. As one of not many in my country I introduced crackle medium to the process of creation. How do you like it ??  With torn rice paper it looks quite grunge :)

FOLKSSSSSS!!! I would like to remind you that from now on I am available on Etsy and the current, actual offer of items ready to ship within seconds is there!!


KABOOM, PEOPLE!! Without any warning and previous consideration I have just opened a shop on a well known Etsy site!! So if you want some nice piece of jewelry from my case, do not hesitate – I ship worldwide – USA, Sri Lanka, China, Canada, Australia, UK, Cambodia and more!!! Just add the item to your cart and here you go!! I only list items ready to ship at once!!


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